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HIV Test Form

If you were the victim of a crime that involved the transmission of bodily fluids and the judge ordered the defendant be tested for HIV, please fill this information out.  The results of the test will be provided to your physician.

Restitution Request Form

If you were the victim of a crime and suffered pecuniary damages, you are entitled to restitution.  At the time of sentencing, the Judge may order the defendant to pay you restitution as part of  their sentence.

Victim Impact Statement

At the time of sentencing, the victim has the right to be heard in regards to how the crime has affected you and what you would like to see happen. Please remember to address your statements only to the Judge when writing your Victim Impact Statement.

Victim Rights Request Form

As a victim of a crime in Oregon you have certain rights. Most of your rights go into effect automatically but some must be requested in order to take effect. This form outlines those rights, read them carefully and decide which apply to you and which you would like to request.