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eDiscovery Resources

In our continuing mission to seek justice and protect the community, we are charged with coordinating delivery of evidence provided to our office by several law enforcement agencies and community partners to the defense bar.  To accomplish this and save tax payer dollars, we have set out to avoid duplicate storage of the same evidence across multiple public entities.  Not only does it cost money to create storage capacity, but staff time and software all add up.  Instead, we have worked directly with our law enforcement agencies to discover most of the evidence in their possession in place.  This means that as a defense attorney, you may expect to retrieve discovery from multiple web portals depending on the agencies involved in your case.  This page exists to guide you through this process.

  1. JusticeWeb - Every case that we discover will begin in JusticeWeb.

Step-by-step Instructions

Request eDiscovery Assistance

Whether you need access to eDiscovery for the first time or need a password reset, please fill out the form on this page to request assistance from our office.