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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I?

If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.  If this isn't an emergency, please call the appropriate non-emergency law enforcement agency:

  1. Within the Albany City Limits - call Albany Police Department (541) 917-7680
  2. Within the Lebanon City Limits - call Lebanon Police Department (541) 451-1751
  3. Within the Sweet Home City Limits - call Sweet Home Police Department (541) 367-5181
  4. Within Linn County, but outside of any city - call Linn County Sheriff's Office (541) 967-3950
  5. If you're at all not sure, call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

If you feel threatened by someone there are a number of remedies available to you.  Each type of order is unique to your situation and is sometimes confusing, so we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from an attorney.  Learn more about protective orders.

An expungment is called a Motion to Set Aside in Oregon.  Most often this relates to a record of an arrest or conviction.  The Oregon Judicial Department handles the filing of this process and has provided the following web page full of information on how to get started.

Jury Duty is managed by the Linn County, Oregon branch of the Oregon Judicial Department.  They've provided the following "Jury Duty" page, including online response form for your convenience.  Thank you for your service, our system of justice couldn't work without citizens like you!

Victims Services

It is the responsibility of the District Attorney or Deputy District Attorney to criminally charge a defendant.  The victim cannot press or drop charges.  In these situations it is best to contact the District Attorney’s Office, there is a victim advocate that is assigned to every open case.  They will be able to speak with you about how to get your feelings about the case across to both the defense and the prosecution.

Call and check with your advocate, in most cases you do have more time to get the forms in.  We just need them before sentencing.

Contact the law enforcement agency that took the initial report and ask to speak with them for an additional report.  Or, you can write a letter to our office and we will make sure it is shared with the defense and it will be part of the case file.

Law enforcement agencies generally don’t release police reports of cases that are open criminal matters.  You can request a copy of the reports from our office 30 days after the case is adjudicated or closed.

If you are a victim of a DUII automobile collision case, you have the right to have the same information as the defendant so in that situation we would be able to provide you with those reports even if the case has not been adjudicated.

Contact the District Attorney’s office and speak with your advocate, in most cases the property needs to be held until the close of the case that way if it is needed as evidence in trial it is available.  Sometimes, exceptions are made so make sure to call and ask.

The advocates in our office will notify you of critical stages of the case, that does not include every single appearance.  You have the right to appear at any court appearance heard in open court so we would ask that you call our office and speak with your advocate to get updated court appearances.

No, the Judge in a criminal court cannot order restitution for such things.  Those terms are usually referring to civil suits.  Contact an attorney for more information about suing someone civilly.

The number one priority for the District Attorney’s office and the court is victim safety.  In just about every single criminal case a No Contact order will be in effect.  If you feel a No Contact Order placed on the defendant prohibiting them from having any contact with you while the criminal case is open is unnecessary, there is a process to go about requesting a change.  Room 107 in the Linn County Courthouse is court operations, they have a specific form you can fill out.  Make sure you have your ID with you, once you fill it out turn it in down the hall at the District Attorney’s Office.  From that point it will go to the assigned Deputy District Attorney to object or approve.  If they object to it a hearing will be scheduled - that will give you the opportunity to come in and tell a judge why you think contact should be allowed.  You must appear for this hearing or your request will automatically be denied.

Yes, under specific and certain circumstances.  To get the most updated and accurate information about in custody offenders, we recommend signing up for the free Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) service.  If someone is released during business hours and we are notified we will let you know but after hours and weekend releases we don’t always get updated info about.

General Questions

If you have received a subpoena from our office, please appear at the date and time shown on the subpoena. If you are served a Grand Jury subpoena, you must appear on the date and time indicated on the subpoena. Any subpoena you receive is an order of the court and failure to appear may be punished as contempt of court. For further information, please contact our office.

If you are appearing for Court, you should dress nicely and in a manner that demonstrates your respect for the court.  Generally, hats, electronic devices including cell phones, weapons of any kind are not allowed.  Be on time, stand when the judge enters the courtroom or you are addressing them.

Please leave any of the following in your vehicle as they are not allowed inside the courthouse:

  • Firearms (even if you have a permit)
  • Pocket knives
  • Any type of explosive or highly flammable substance
  • Multi-tools similar to a Leatherman
  • Scissors, knitting needles and other pointed sharp items
  • Cameras or recording devices
  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia and other controlled substances

Grand Jury is a special jury of your community peers convened to hear testimony in a criminal proceeding before the felony charges have been filed with the Court. These jurors are chosen in the same manner that jurors are selected for normal jury trial and they determine whether or not the DA's office has probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and can be charged.  All Grand Jury proceedings are confidential.

If you are unsure who your attorney is, you should contact the Linn County Circuit Court (541) 967-3845 to see which attorney has filed an appearance on your behalf.  If you have criminal charges pending, the court will work with you to determine whether or not you qualify for a court appointed attorney at your initial appearance.

Please contact your attorney.  The District Attorney and their staff are unable to to speak directly to you if you're represented.  If you are pro se, that is representing yourself, please inform the judge that you'd like to speak with the prosecutor at your next court appearance.

Please speak with your attorney.  They have access to discovery via our electronic discovery portal:

A negotiated plea or plea bargain is an agreement reached between the defendant and our office.  Typically, the defendant agrees to plead guilty to specific charges and in return, our office agrees to recommend a specific sentence to the judge in return.  Negotiated pleas are employed by our office to benefit our community by saving time and resources for the Court, law enforcement and our office since the case resolves earlier and doesn't go to trial.

Anyone contacting you in person from our office with have an official hard plastic photo ID badge on their person.  If we're contacting you by phone, ask for the individual contacting you for their name, then feel free to call our main line (541) 967-3836 and ask for that person.


Volunteering & Employment

We're always interested and excited to meet and work with the next generation of lawyers!  Please fill out the application located here for our consideration.

Yes! We have a number of ways that volunteers may work with our office.  Please fill out this application to begin.

While turn over in our office is low and we may not have an opening at this time, we're always excited to meet qualified candidates.  Please send us your resume by mailing it to:

Linn County Courthouse
Post Office Box 100
Albany, Oregon 97321

To view all current openings for our office (if any) please visit:

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